Glossary of Terms

Opiates: This is typically used in the pharmacology to term a drug derived from opium. Opioid refers to the substances that are both natural and synthetic. These bind opioid receptors in the brain.

Opioids: These are substances present in the opioid receptors and produces effects that morphines give. Opioids are used for pain relief purposes.

Suboxone: A combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, Suboxone treats opiate addiction.

Subutex: This is used to treat the pain caused by the opioid addiction.

Abuse: Excessive use of a substance used in a way other than prescribed.

Addict: Slang for someone with an addiction. It is a derogatory and demeaning term because it is labeling the person by a sickness / illness.

Addiction: A behavorial syndrome for someone who is compulsively seeking and wanting to use a substance.

Agonist: A druge that activate receptors in the brain.

Analgesic: A drug or medication used to treat pain.

Antagonist: A drug or medication that tends to cancel out the effect of another.